Purposed Coaching

                       with Doug Hammett

Would you buy an airline ticket for an unnamed destination? If so, this website is not for you!

Life is too short to live without purpose.

Living your life on purpose is all that makes sense. But whose purpose? The Lord has made you for His Purposes. Your life and ministry can reflect a life that is purposed. Coaching helps take people where they know they want to go, but helps get them there faster and more efficiently.

Purposed Coaching is all about helping Independent Baptist preachers and ministry leaders live the life that Christ intended and accomplish the designs that God has for you. Time is too precious to waste your ministry. It has too much potential to just coast.

So whether it is a matter of needing...

You will find what you need here. Check it out!

If you want to take your life, ministry, and relationships to a new level, Purposed Coaching may be for you.

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What others are saying...


  "It truly has shown me my focus on myself in conversation and thought; it has made me stop and think how I could help the other person, not myself." -KN


" I would recommend this material because it will open your perspective to the value of using questions in your conversations."


"It is important for Christians to counsel one another. This class will teach you how to give and receive and seek counsel in important situations in life. It will also help you improve relationships by being a better listener and communicator." -DM


" I would encourage any Christian who is interested in helping others to take this class because it gives very practical suggestions and offers valuable insight." -ER