Purposed Coaching

                       with Doug Hammett

Ministry Management


Are you equipped to produce all the

Lord desires from you?


Could you profit from…

  • Knowing how to motivate others without manipulation? 

  • Knowing how to find the location of God’s choosing for your ministry? 

  • Understanding how to uncover contacts for the gospel in the community you are serving? 

  • Being skilled at training your workers to put you out of a job by reproducing yourself? 

  • Enlisting help from others that can support and encourage you in the ministry you are engaged in? 

 Having a ministry that will have an impact for the present, future and in eternity is definitely possible.




Ministry today demands a high level of knowledge and skill across a broad spectrum of issues. Equip yourself to accomplish God's best for your ministry.


Whether you are a serious student of God’s Word, working in an area of ministry, a pastor of a church, or a missionary at home and abroad...


You can catapult yourself into a more effective ministry by means of ministry coaching in the area of the P.L.A.N.T system. 


Why not check it out today?


Others who benefited from this coaching:

"Life/Ministry Coaching has helped me greatly in many areas, but to really narrow it all down it has helped me to really focus again, whether it be to focus on a vision or focus on a problem.  It has helped me clear up the junk that WE SOMETIMES ALLOW into our life, and have allowed to lose sight of what is important in life. Pastor Doug Hammett has been an extreme help, and yet it has also been fun being coached by him." -WM

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What others are saying...


  "It truly has shown me my focus on myself in conversation and thought; it has made me stop and think how I could help the other person, not myself." -KN


" I would recommend this material because it will open your perspective to the value of using questions in your conversations."


"It is important for Christians to counsel one another. This class will teach you how to give and receive and seek counsel in important situations in life. It will also help you improve relationships by being a better listener and communicator." -DM


" I would encourage any Christian who is interested in helping others to take this class because it gives very practical suggestions and offers valuable insight." -ER