Purposed Coaching

                       with Doug Hammett

Life Management


You have but one life to live.



Your investment in serving Christ will pay great dividends IF you invest it where Christ directs.


Do you feel like this?…

  • I wish I knew how to make wise decisions about my life.  

  • I am so busy living that I don’t sense I am really fulfilling my life purpose.  

  • I want to be the 'me' God desires and not molded into others' desires for me.  

  • I want to live a calm and directed life as opposed to a pushed and pulled one.  

  • I want to know how to take my life experiences and wrap them into who I am and how I minister to others. 

  • I wish I knew how to understand and integrate the lessons of life experiences.



God knew you before you were born. He planned for you, and in redemption has set about a great purpose in and through your life.

To miss it would be tragedy.


If you are serious about living a purposed life you can experience…

  • A clear connection with God’s purpose for your life.  

  • An understanding of why God allowed you to go through the experiences of life you have.  

  • Clarity in decision making.  

  • Clear goals that resonate with you and make life worth living.  


In a world where most live their lives wandering aimlessly, a person of purpose always stands out. Secular approaches tell us to pick our purpose and achieve it. The truth is that being more accomplished does not equal eternal reward! We live for a larger and eternal purpose, but how to connect with that purpose is often difficult for people to grasp. Once you do, your life will never be the same.


Yes, P.U.R.P.O.S.E.D. living is really possible.

Coaching through the P.U.R.P.O.S.E.D. system will help you connect to what God is doing in your life.



Others who benefited from this coaching:

"The course helped me understand more clearly who I was as a person and what I could accomplish. Because it was Bible-based, it also helped me better recognize what God expected of me. With these truths in hand I was then able to make well informed decisions about the immediate direction of my life. I would highly recommend this to anyone, no matter their age or position in life. It gives an entirely new and refreshing perspective." -ER


"I was at a crossroads in my life about where to turn career-wise. I realized that God had given me a personality, and certain skills, and I wanted to glorify the LORD in those areas. It was then that I decided to call Pastor Hammett. God used his timing to bring Pastor Hammett and I together, to start to set a plan in place. It was perfect timing, because Pastor Hammett was taking some courses on life/ministry coaching. Pastor Hammett really took the time and energy to help me dig through my interests, dreams, my background, and my natural abilities. The coaching was unique in that it was very well organized, but more than that, and most important, was that it was geared to steer you towards God's will. I highly recommend the coaching." -IR


"I am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. The life coaching helped me to really put things in perspective and get my focus back on what is important in my life. As we worked through the different areas, I was able to set some goals for things I yet want to accomplish in my life." -BH

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What others are saying...


  "It truly has shown me my focus on myself in conversation and thought; it has made me stop and think how I could help the other person, not myself." -KN


" I would recommend this material because it will open your perspective to the value of using questions in your conversations."


"It is important for Christians to counsel one another. This class will teach you how to give and receive and seek counsel in important situations in life. It will also help you improve relationships by being a better listener and communicator." -DM


" I would encourage any Christian who is interested in helping others to take this class because it gives very practical suggestions and offers valuable insight." -ER