Purposed Coaching

                       with Doug Hammett

Time Management


Time is a precious commodity that you cannot replace. 


Is this you?…

  • I need more time! 

  • People pull me in every direction. 

  • My list of things to do grows longer the more I work. 

  • If only I could get organized, I would get so much more done. 

  • The urgent of life seems to crowd out all opportunity to accomplish the important. 

Time is precious!


Life is quickly running away and we are told in Scripture to 'redeem the time.'

Indeed it IS possible!


By taking proper steps you can…

  • Take control of your time. 

  • Laser focus your projects.

  • Say 'no' to others without feeling guilty.

  • Be energized and motivated. 

  • Be fully present in relationships with others. 

  • Add 12 extra work weeks to your year. Yes, you read that right! 


Time is really not so much about 'time' as it is about 'life.' When you get a real handle on life, you will be able to move into the realm of time and master it.

Time is ticking...get coached today and see where you can go!

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What others are saying...


  "It truly has shown me my focus on myself in conversation and thought; it has made me stop and think how I could help the other person, not myself." -KN


" I would recommend this material because it will open your perspective to the value of using questions in your conversations."


"It is important for Christians to counsel one another. This class will teach you how to give and receive and seek counsel in important situations in life. It will also help you improve relationships by being a better listener and communicator." -DM


" I would encourage any Christian who is interested in helping others to take this class because it gives very practical suggestions and offers valuable insight." -ER